Why Waking Up Early Is Important – Even When Traveling…

Waking up early is an amazing habit to have. Your head is clear and you are feeling more productive than when you feel stressed and groggy. You need a certain ritual when you wake up early in the morning so that what you are optimizing your health and productivity.

From walking countless hours, to visiting exotic countries in the world, these habits will help you to have high energy and focus.


Stretching is a great way to start off your day. You loosen up your muscles and allow the energy to flow through your body. It does not have to be very hard stretching, rather just simple forward bend, cobra, and rotating your head a few times can do the trick.

You would be surprised how amazing you feel after stretching for a few minutes.


Now meditation does not have to hard nor something that will require your energy. People think meditation is sitting in stillness doing nothing. However, not necessarily. You can meditate doing something that allows your mind to stop all that chatter. For example, if you like woodwork and if you put on some nice music, you can spend your time building stuff while at the same time meditating.

The positive benefits of meditation is clarity of thought and being able to focus on whatever task you might have at hand. It stops all the stupids thoughts that introude and you become more still.

Reading A Book

Reading a book in the morning and journaling is amazing. When you actually go back and review your journal it is even more of an amazin experience. Not only are you getting more wiser, but you are getting a good insight to how you can live your life to the fullest.

Whatever genre of book you might enjoy, it is up to you. Usually self-development, growth, or something that you can apply to your life are nice books to read in the morning, but it is up to you. If you prefer more fiction and literature, as long as you feel relaxed and in the zone, it’s good.


We don’t usually allow ourselves to eat our foods while being present. We are always in a rush to get things done and in a hurry. But breakfast is important for you to get the energy for the day. It’s like a ritual. The food is not necessarily important, but sitting down for breakfast and enjoying the activity is what’s important.

Usually light foods feel better. Like lemon tea with a few slices of bread or biscuits. Eating heavy foods right off the morning just does not feel right.

Getting Most Important Things Done

Believe it or not, we have a limited amount of will power and discipline. As you go about your day, it diminishes and late at night you barely have any will power and motivation to do anything at all.

Which is why, you should get most of the important heavy creative tasks done early in the morning. Later at night you can focus on tasks that don’t require much mental energy.

So hope you start your day with a bang and live an amazing life!

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