Tips for Working From Home

Considering working from home? Here are some tips to stay productive and get 2-3 more things done from your bedroom or just a few steps away.

Wear Your Work Clothes

Do you sometimes feel like you have more energy or just feel like needing to get your workout done when you are wearing your trainer sneakers or workout pants, shirt etc?

There is a reason why you feel that way. Your mind connects the dots and fools you into believing that it has to do whatever environment or state you are in. Hence work office environment and how you feel is very important.

A pair of slippers and your morning t-shirt won’t get you in the zone or the state of being productive and getting things done as much as wearing your work clothes. So try wearing your work clothes even if you are not meeting anybody and even if your home is warm and comfortable enough for sleeping clothes. You will see a great boost in productivity and how much you get done.

Get SSD for Your Computer

If you have a Mac or Apple, then disregard this. However for PC folks, you should upgrade your computer with SSD. SSD stands for Solid State Drives. It will help you load programs and start Windows almost 10X faster.

When you can load your applications and windows within a few seconds it makes working a lot easier and effortless. Waiting for things to load induces stress and will affect your work performance.

Lighting is Important

Some people prefer to work at night when everyone is asleep, some other people like working in the mornings, while some others in the afternoon. You have to figure out what kind of rhythm you have and what you are best suited for. Take this chronotype quiz:

If you are night owl, then a darker work environment might make you feel more productive and creative, but if you are the opposite you might need a lot more natural light and sunny weather to give you a jolt of energy. It’s about figuring out what you are best suited with.

Build a Home Office

Whether you are working from an office or not, it’s also a great idea to build a home office where you can also work from. Office Home Ideas is something you should consider looking more into.

Some days you could even work from your home and your boss might be okay with it as long as you get your work done.

However, you need proper furniture, chair, desk, and other accessories that will give you a feeling being at work to give you productivity.

You don’t need much to get started though, as long as you have a chair and a desk, you are good to go. But some people get standing desk, chairs, yoga balls, and other furniture pieces to boost productivity and get even more things done.

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