Finding Festival in Europe

If you are into the festival scene, let me tell you about a place that you are going to want to visit. That spot is Ghent, and it is nestle among the well visited Belgium areas of Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges. You may not have even heard of Ghent, or quite possibly you will have stopped ever so briefly at Ghent’s St Pieter’s Station on your way to another destination, but it is time to change that now.

It’s diverse and well established festival schedule competes with the best in Europe. A huge revamp of the pedestrian squares is being completed and will enhance the already perfect setting for these events in 2011. This is a fantastic year to explore the one area that you had no idea would be your epicenter for festivals including films and techno music among the annual 10 days festival which has been going on since 1832. With all that practice, these people have got throwing a festival down to a science.

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