Enjoying The Modernist Buildings in Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi is best known for his flawless building designs in the early 1900s. He is considered as a visionary architect in the modernist Period. This is because most of the extraordinary buildings in Barcelona Catalonia were built using this greats designs. The Private Gaudi Tour will allow you experience the work of this great architect where you will be visiting two masterpieces of the architect.

A Private Gaudi Tour

Thanks to Gaudi your private tour will be one that you will live to remember forever. One of the dreams of every traveler is at list visiting one World Heritage Site. If you want to accomplish that in one tour, well the private Gaudi Tour is the thing for you. At least 7 of Gaudi’s buildings are listed by UNESCO as world heritage sites. In this tour, you will get to visit Casa Park Guell and Sagrada Familia. These are arguably two of this legend’s most significant accomplishments.

This will be a half a day tour. You can start with visiting Park Guell. This is a park that has all characteristic features of Art Nouveau. Also, it features Gaudi’s vision with broken tile mosaics. It also includes Sinuous & Organic shapes leading to a unique integration with nature. The archways & colonnades make this park seem like a playground for the mind when you visit. You also get to see a smiling dragon past the entrance that stretches in the middle of a stairway which you will not resist to touch. During the tour, you will also see a reservoir that serves the park’s fountains and a terrace lined with an organic tile covered bench.

After the Park Guell, you may be thinking that there is no way this Private Gaudi tour could get any better. Well, after this you head to the Sagrada Familia and realize you could never have guessed more wrong. The Sagrada Familia is the Jewel in the crown of Gaudi’s work. Reason being that this is among the architect’s last works. It is a temple which portrays Gaudi’s overall conception of architecture. During this tour, you will get a full explanation of the richness of detail & significance of the building to help you appreciate it fully. For example, each of the building’s façade represents a chapter in the life of Jesus Christ.

With approximately 250 Zenithal Skylights inside the museum, this marks a fitting end to this amazing essence enjoying Gaudi’s brilliance.

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